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Yatchet and Partners is a multidisciplinary law firm founded by Me Yatchet Patric and having as partner Me Kouagnang Manuella;

Faced with the complexity of business relationships, faced with the risk of litigation actions and based on the observation that the practice of the legal profession until now has been directed towards the vast majority on a litigation orientation of procedures, the need has finally become imperative to give pride of place to assistance and advice to secure exchanges between partners and avoid disputes that undermine relationships as best as possible

Yatchet And Partners is a new age firm founded for an innovative practice and integrating the mechanisms of a personalized professional offer in order to respond adequately to the problems of its clients;

Its slogan “involved to resolve” is the translation of its result orientation and the symbol of a rigorous commitment to continuously satisfy its clients by resolving as far as possible their legal difficulties;

It is a firm which has an international opening, practices the “team work” method and is endowed with a strong capacity to reorganize its team in order to respond effectively to the expectations of its clients on the cases entrusted to its analysis;

Aware that its clients will often be involved in litigation, Yatchet And Partners has acquired the optimal capacity to meet these expectations and respond without fail to actions requested by its customers or directed against them;

areas of intervention :

  • Taxation
  • Commercial law
  • The insurance law
  • Land rights law
  • Criminal law and procedure
  • Social right
  • Litigation
  •  ADR
  • Transport
  • Immigration law
  • Corporate law
  • Intellectual property
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Transaction
  • Representation
  • Business creation
  • Legal Secretariat
  •  Civil law and procedure

Yatchet And Partners gives itself a social responsibility to offer in case of solicitation and according to certain standards that it defines, pro-Bono services in order to help the needy to access justice and thus contribute to reducing the deficit observed until here in the field;

It has a strong network built with the aim of acquiring more expertise and establishing lasting relationships that can contribute to the fulfillment of its regional and international commitments;

The firm (Cabinet Yatchet and Partners) is a team of practitioners, each expert in at least one field, who have decided to pool their experience to meet the needs of their clients. These experts are all driven by the concern of a bold defense of their clients’ interests and above all without sacrificing their economy in this office. We are a result-oriented firm that seeks above all the satisfaction of its clients.
Its international exposure with its numerous contacts throughout the continent and even internationally make it possible, although based in Cameroon, to meet the expectations of its clients in many areas; It is a multi-disciplinary firm with a strong capacity to reconstitute its teams according to the cases submitted to its care thanks to the numerous partnerships established abroad with law firms and lawyers willing to contribute to the development of a practice beyond borders.

Our values are :

  • Exceeding ourselves: Always give the best of ourselves and beyond for the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Resilience: We believe that it is in effort that comfort is found and that none of your difficulties will be left unsolved. We are here to help you through the law to find solutions to your legal problems.
  • Professionalism
  • Open-mindedness: Think out of the box

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In conjunction with his vast know-how, we leverage the robust legal expertise of working in different courts.

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In conjunction with his vast know-how, we leverage the robust legal expertise of working in different courts.

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In conjunction with his vast know-how, we leverage the robust legal expertise of working in different courts.we leverage the robust legal expertise of working

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